Friday, August 8, 2008

pictures of the fire by our house.

It moved fast!

It hopped and made a big "ring of fire"

The entire mountain was burning, but the picture
only shows a small area. It was scary.

Walking along the canal, that seperated
the fire from our neighborhood. 2 days after
the fire.

this is a plane dropping retardent on
the fire, the only spot that is still
green, it jumped over it and burned all
the mountain to the right of the "red cloud"
It is Aug. I just looked at Sarah and Randy's blog again, and wish I knew what I was doing. I need to take a class or something. I don't even know what my blog address is. So how do I send it to people? Well I want to put pictures of the mountain by our house that caught fire. It was AMAZING! If I can figure this out. You will see them.